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Ultrasound Thyroid Morphology Examination

Ultrasound Thyroid Morphology Overview

A thyroid morphology ultrasound is a way of visualizing the thyroid gland and the surrounding structures. The test takes a few minutes.

Why it is done

Ultrasound is the preferred imaging method for evaluation of the thyroid gland. It is performed in patients with a suspected thyroid nodule, nodular goiter or lymph nodes on physical examination or as a result of incidental findings on other imaging modalities. During this test, the characteristics of the thyroid nodule or lymph nodes are evaluated to determine the likelihood of cancer and the need for a fine-needle aspiration biopsy. Ultrasound of the thyroid may also be used to follow the course of known nodules and lymph nodes.

How it is done at the ENT Specialty Group

You will enter a room where the ultrasound machine is located and placed flat on your back on the examination table. The nurse will ask you some questions and respond to your inquiries and address any of your concerns. The nurse will then prepare the ultrasound probe for your comfort. Your physician will then visualize the thyroid nodule under ultrasound guidance.

How it feels

This is a non-invasive imaging modality. There is usually no pain or discomfort associated with this test.