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Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspiration Thyroid Biopsy

Thyroid Biopsy Test Overview

An ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration thyroid biopsy of a thyroid nodule or thyroid lump usually takes a few minutes to perform. A needle is placed under ultrasound guidance in the thyroid nodule to assist with precision.

Why it is Done

An ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy of a thyroid nodule or thyroid lump is commonly performed to help determine whether a thyroid nodule is malignant or benign.

How it is Done at The ENT Specialty Group

Upon entering the room where the ultrasound and biopsy will be performed, the nurse will spend time explaining what to expect. The nurse will also ask you several questions and will inquire about whether you have questions or concerns. The doctor will then perform an ultrasound morphology examination to assess for thyroid nodules. The doctor will spend time identifying the thyroid nodule that requires the biopsy, study the nodule’s characteristics and assess the surrounding structures. A local anesthetic is then injected into the skin. The biopsy is then performed on the targeted thyroid nodule.

How it Feels

The discomfort associated with a fine needle aspiration biopsy of the thyroid is often compared to that of a blood test by patients, but it varies.